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"I want to share my love for flowers with the world and bring happiness to others."


Arlene Levitt grew up in a Filipino household filled with love, music, and art. Since graduating from high school, her dream was to be in architecture, which eventually led to a career in Interior Design.

With 15 years of experience, she has created and collaborated on multiple award-winning hospitality projects worldwide. From the shores of Saipan to the sophistication of the Las Vegas Strip, Arlene has put her heart and soul into making spaces beautiful for everyone. 

Working in high-end hospitality design has resulted in a discerning eye when it comes to floral design.

When she’s not playing with flowers, you can find Arlene at the gym or in a dance class, having French Cafe breakfasts and Lake Las Vegas morning strolls with her adorable Frenchies, Luna and George, or on motorcycle rides with her loving husband Evan. She is a mother of three and is affectionately referred to as “Lola” by her grandchildren.

"My passion for floral arrangements started because of my wedding. Fresh flowers are a permanent fixture in my home, and the sight of them brightens the room in the same way they brighten my heart. I knew that my wedding day would be the one time that I could have as many flowers as I could see before me, and I wasn’t going to let that opportunity slip through my fingers!

As time went on, I started to make floral arrangements for friends and family. Any occasion is a good one for flowers, and I would give them as gifts; for birthdays, baby showers, even just because. Turning flowers into art is very much an outlet for me. 

The joy I see from the people I care about when I make them flowers, as well as the therapy it provides me, have made it clear that this is what I am destined to do. I want to share my love for flowers with the world and bring happiness to others."

-Arlene Levitt

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